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Participants and guests of the competition "BOZTORGAI"


Boztogay – skylark, a singing bird with a ringing voice. This is a symbolical name of the contest of children’s art, which takes place annually here in Kazakhstan and is a big fun and exciting event that takes place on an open stage of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Almaty. The fact that Boztorgay is always held in an open air is its distinctive feature, while independence, liveliness and ingenuous spontaneity are its charm. Bright, colorful costumes, serious faces of the contest participants before the performance, anxious and concerned fans and supporters, their leaders and instructors who observe them quite strictly with healthy criticism, and, of course, the audience which enthusiastically perceives every performance, sings along and dances. All this is indeed unforgettable and a spectacular.

The most pleasant surprise was the fact that Nursultan Nazarbayev – the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan has visited the first Contest of “Boztorgai” in the park “Yerke”. Many kids succeeded in having some small discussions and taking photos with the President. No doubt it was a remarkable event.

The contest is always preceded by a huge preparation work, the selection process – audition of video and audio materials. What particularly pleases us is the fact that every year we get more number of applications than we expect. As a result of long disputes and discussions, the best ones are selected to be part of the contest.

The performance of the participants is assessed by a very professional and confident jury. In order to give you a hint on the seriousness of the contest level it is enough to name the jury members. All these people, who are well known not only in our country but beyond it, have a lot of professional plans. But they highly value the important role of our contest for the development of children’s art in our country and they set aside all their urgent plans and execute their duties in the role of jury members of the contest with great conscious work during few warm days of summer. It is a great pleasure and pride to witness their hot debates when making final decisions, as they value every single participant, every single group. The disputes get their highest pick, every single score is calculated scrupulously, all details get taken into consideration: the voice, manners, repertoire. The fact that participants and their instructors have never doubted objectiveness and fairness of the decision of the jury proves their confidence and impeccable reputation.


 The contest is not only the feast for the kids, but also a great school where the leaders of the groups share their experience, knowledge, and some new ideas. It is the right place where they express their words of appreciation to the organizers for the chance to get experience exchange with colleagues and stars of Kazakhstani art, who evaluate the creative potential of their kids during the festival and generously share their knowledge with them.


The atmosphere behind the curtains is indeed always unique. Participants, who have already performed and received their scoring start supporting other participants sincerely without considering them as competitors, they become happy for their success and feel sad if they perform poorly. 

In the spare time, when free from performances and rehearsals, kids attend attractions of the park with great pleasure. We could give a lot of interesting information about each participant as they all, regardless of their young age, are bright and fascinating individuals. We have no doubt that all participants have successful future – and most of them will definitely make famous our country. Parents, leaders of the groups, sponsors, which are not indifferent to young gifted kids, make tremendous contribution to their creative growth. Physically and morally healthy young generation is the guarantee not only as continuation of their parents, but also the future of our country – Kazakhstan.    

We would like to thank Almaty city administration for their marvelous support. They do everything possible and impossible in order to make this contest happen, and so that kids are cozy and comfortable. Besides financial support being provided by the city administration, we always feel their moral support and assistance. The city department of culture is always ready to assist us with new fresh ideas on improving the contest and making it an unforgettable and bright event.  

We would like to express our appreciation to all our determined sponsors and to wish that kindness they are sharing would return doubled to them and their kids.

Nobody will be left without some attention, all festival participants will receive diplomas, presents on behalf of organizing committee, Almaty city administration, sponsors, cultural institutions and so on.

         With great pleasure we distribute thank you letters to state institutions, to our sponsors, who provide with financial and moral support to our participants within 20 years of holding the contest. A separate appreciation is to our Mass Media, which observes our contest with vast interest and covers all days of the contest on mass media.

A very welcoming team of organizing committee and our trusted friends volunteers are working for you, forgetting about sleep and rest for the period of festival.  

In return we get an incomparable atmosphere of the children’s feast, discovery of new names, the acquaintance and friendship with the fans of children’s creativity.  

Using this opportunity, I would like to thank every participant for their contribution to the development of the art of our country. I wish you all success in creativity and in all your endeavors, good luck and prosperity! May our contest become the start of your big victories in the field of art!    

Director of International Contest of Children's Art "Boztorgai", K.Abdikarimova

Dear young talents!


Welcome to the International Contest “Boztorgai”!

Development of children’s art, discovery of talents amongst kids and teenagers, provision of support in development of their creative potential is a very important and decent goal.  International Contest of Children’s Art, having this aim for the last 20 years, is constantly working in this direction. Every year new talents and stars are being discovered and they get a good start for their further “journey” into the word of art.

I wish good luck to all young creative participants, who selected tis path and continue to carry the flag of their country with pride and dignity! In general, there are so much criticism towards creative people. I wish you to have enough strength not to give up, and continue the chosen path that will lead you to your precious goal.

Faithfully yours, Roza Rymbayeva

My sweet and beloved young friends!

We are looking forward to having you at the XX Anniversary season of International Children’s Art Contest “Boztorgai”!

No doubt that for some people the time frame of 20 years might not seem that impressive, but for our young country, it is quite significant. Within this period, we have discovered many new talents and new stars and are very proud of that. Personally, I enjoy to witness your inspirational endeavor on the creative path. We are truly happy to see your every single step that you take to reach your set goals and to every success you achieve.

To be a permanent chair-lady of the jury is a very great honor, but it comes with big responsibility as well. And I would like to highlight that this job gives me a great pleasure: children’s art touches our hearts with its purity and genuineness of the sentiment, as well as with spark of emotions – from joyful excitement to tears of disappointment.     


I wish your life be always full of genuine art. And may our contest be your start plot for your flight to the Great Future. And we, the members of jury, will do our best not to miss the intrinsic talent. May nothing stop you my young contestants!

Sincerely yours, Bibigul Tolegenova

My dear young friends


Welcome to the XX Anniversary season of International Children’s Art Contest “Boztorgai”, which has already won the love and respect of many hearts, and which traditionally takes place in Almaty – the city which is located at the foot of our majestic mountains!

I wish you all that the contest “Boztorgai”, which is one of the brightest and fun contests of our beloved country, will be a successful start to your vivid path in art.  Always remember and love Almaty – the city of your happy childhood and your first victory!

I wish the International Children’s Art Contest “Boztorgai” continuous creative life! This year we are happy to celebrate its anniversary – 20 years of its successful activity. Many stars were discovered within this time period and many kids were given a “permit” to the world of art.   

I wish good luck to all participants. May your creative life be full of bright and remarkable moments!

Love, Bolat Ayukhanov

My sweet and cute young talents!

I am happy to greet you all at the International Contest of Children’s Art “Boztorgai”, which occupies deserved special place in our hearts, springs us immense hope, truly takes its place of honor in the arena of international contests and is indeed a remarkable event!

The fact itself that you are participants in this contest is a great achievement on its own! The “Boztorigai” contest and other similar contests and festivals open up wide opportunities for you.

I wish our participants, to take full advantage of these opportunities, to show us their talents in all its glory and give us and ourselves a wonderful time! I wish you only good luck and success! Let the inspiration do not leave you, we will be glad to see you on the heights of new victories! Inspiration, new victories and discoveries, as well as well-deserved applause to you, friends! And I wish long and prosperous life to our beloved contest “Boztorgai”!


Sincerely yours, Kenes Duisekeyev

Our stars

We know their names, we admire their performances, we sing their hits, we rejoice in their victories in international competitions. And we are proud that their today’s success began with the International Competition of Children’s Creativity “Boztorgay”!


Abulkhair Abdrashev

Alisher Karimov

Almas Altynbekov

Erden Zhaksybekov

Zhanar Dugalova

Kairat Tuntekov

Sardor Milano

Tahauy Rahmetov

Staff of the contest "BOZTORGAI"


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